Network Information  

Running CaseBank on a network:

    As a runtime application of FileMaker Pro, CaseBank 5.1 can be run over a network, BUT, only if the user purchases special server software directly from FileMaker Pro.   And, unfortunately, the server software is expensive.

Distributing CaseBank on a network:

    After downloading either the CaseBank 5.1 installation file, or the CaseBank 5.1 update file, the office/court user is permitted to copy and distribute the files to all members of their office/court via their network.

HTML Compatibility:

   If the user has an Intranet, and has the necessary FileMaker Pro server software mentioned above, then the user can post CaseBank 5.1 on their Intranet for access and use via a browser.

If you purchase FileMaker Pro server software, please contact us and ask for a non-runtime copy of CaseBank 5.1 that you can place on your server.